June 21, 2013


A drummer, even a professional drummer, is sort of limited by what they have around them.  They have two hands and two feet to control as many as 20 different percussion instruments at a time.  Their hi-hat stand usually allows them change the sound of the hi-hat cymbals, so they can be used to sound like four different instruments without any other additional adjustments.  The kick of a bass drum usually needs no extra help to pierce the sound of the other instrument; some drummers may add a tom hit to a bass kick to give it somewhat of a tonal delivery.

It is the snare drum that gets more love in the timbre department.  The drum can be hit on the head multiple ways, from different parts of the stick – and can even be used in combination with the rim (rimshot) and without the use of the snares.  But even with this flexibility, they drummer only has two hands.  They will have a hard time trying to clap or add any other two handed instrument to the down sticking of a snare beat.  Producers have the ability to layer their snare with just about anything to give it that extra depth.