June 21, 2013


I’ve always wondered how producers manage to acquire vocals for their songs.  I know that they already have the tools to create the melody and the drums for a song – but unless they have great singing skills where do they get these samples from?  You may have guessed that some of these producers are very good at digging for samples.  They may have just extracted the audio from an older record and found a way to layer on their own work.  Some, who have the means to do this, hire their own vocalists to say a few obligatory words or whatever it is they need to make the song “vocal”.

After step one is accomplished, the next step is to add it to their music in a meaningful way.  Placing vocals on top of audio is much more complicated than it seems – the right volume levels need to be had to give it the proper attention (or inattention), and the attack of the sample itself needs to be worked out.  Some may choose to give the attack some type of logarithm curve – but effects like reverse reverb can also be used in place of a filter or careful transitioning of volume.