June 22, 2013


If digital gear has proved useful for anything at all, it is to supplement analog instruments in ways that make our lives easier.  Case in point is the digital tuner.  Guitarists who did not grow up with analog gear had to either make use of a well tuned piano, or a tuning fork in order to get the correct frequency of a string.  Once they tuned their lowest string, they could tune the rest of the guitar based on that note.  In modern times they only need to play a note and let it ring against the sound of a digital tuner, which turns that frequency into a measurable and comparable number value.

Drummers who play set also have to find ways to tune their drums, usually the three toms and maybe even the bass drum.  However, tuning a drum is not always looked at as a necessity when compared to the other tone producing instruments that are available.  Some drummers may prefer to tune their drums the way they like it rather than by a standard measure.  Either ways, there are digital implements and other software available that makes the job of tuning as simple as it is with guitar.