June 22, 2013


Few genres are ever given a name that actually represents how the music is made, except for Drum and Bass.  I would guess that Rock and Roll gives us a hint and what type of rhythm the music is going to have, as do chillout or down tempo music.  Country music probably refers to the area of where the music is produced, and its beyond me what “house” really means in house music.  Drum and Bass, however, consists of drum and bass.  Although most of the drum and bass tempos are far beyond that of any other type of music, say 150-175bpm – the name says nothing about the tempo.

The key factor that makes DnB music so noticeable is the drums within it.  The drums are not typically low frequency and as punch as other types of crisp drum sounds – but the cymbals and hi-hats are very noticeable and in your face.  Creating the drums often require the use of many layers of the same type of instrument, and much of the programming needs to be centered on this.  Various amounts of swing can be added to specific notes, but the bulk of the drumming should come from the kicks and the snares.