June 22, 2013

Food and the Recording Studio

When a band is made up of regular Joes who have day jobs, it is hard to find the time to even gather around and practice.  There is always some sort of restriction, like not being able to make sound wherever it is you live, or perhaps you need to find a location where you can situate your drum set.  Once you have everyone together and ready to perform, there are a few extra things that you might like to have around.  Some studios and practice studios have rules regarding food and beverages in the recording studio.  Some are more lenient than others.

Having water or at least something to drink is handy, as is having some type of food to keep you going.  Creativity really puts a strain on the brain and you can find yourself feeling tired without energy to keep up.  Even something sugary might be the best thing since it gets you going and it works quickly.  Of course there are going to be those who bring alcohol or beer into the studio – there’s nothing wrong with that as long as it doesn’t grow out of control.  Not having any food can be a fatal error.