June 22, 2013

Using Processors and Effects in Your Home Studio

I don’t consider it a hard task to setup a line that records directly from your audio source to your computer.  One jack needs to be an acceptable headphone jack that plugs directly into the soundcard, and the other jack needs to connect to your audio source either using the same type of jack or perhaps a pair of RCA cables.  Beyond that, the only significant changes that can be made are those that adjust the level of the incoming, or those that adjust the level of the recording side.  Now, if you want to record using microphones and live sound, there is much more than can be done to achieve a better recording.

Finding the balance between noise and sound can be more challenging at this stage of recording, but there are more tools to work with.  Ignoring any software or digital devices for now, the placement of the microphone will have the best effect on the kind of sound you will receive, and you can even use physical implements to reduce the hissing of a person’s voice.  If that is not enough, you are left with many post recording options that will allow you to remove noise and other echoes from your initial recordings.