June 22, 2013

Record a Snare Drum in Your Home Studio

The snare drum is sort of a unique part of the drummer’s kit, in that it so wide ranging and can sound completely different from person to person.  Each drummer has their own idea of how it should sound, and sound engineers need to work around this during a recording session.  DAW drums can also be tuned to the same effect, although the live sound of a crisp drum is hard to ignore.  Snares have a sound that is sometimes found on special ride cymbals, where the sound is able to resonate with a nice “sizzle” – but the snare can be a culprit for many reasons.

A bass guitar in the room will likely rattle the snares if used too loudly, and this is almost unavoidable unless you have your drums muted or placed on stands that do not pick up the extra vibrations.  Aside from that, the way the drum is tuned will also change how much noise it produces unintentionally.  Loose snares do not give the crisp return that we are used to hearing, but also take a bit of the whine away from a drum hit.  After it is all said and done, clever use of microphones can help avoid these problems.