June 23, 2013

Psychology and the Music Producer

There are bedroom producers and bedroom sound engineers just about everywhere you turn.  Software has made it simple for a long producer to successfully master their own music (to an extent), without having to go to the pros for help.  However, any serious recording artist who is signed to a label wouldn’t dare send their music through without the help of an experienced sound engineer.  The engineer is the one who ultimately takes an idea and turns it into something usable and real; it is not an easy task.  Signed artists tend to have a record producer or artist management team that talks directly to the sound engineer – this makes for less confusion when trying to get ideas across.

If the artist is independent, it can be hard for them to know exactly what to tell the engineer.  The artist understands music and sound, but the engineer understands the process that makes it all work.  No matter how inexperienced the musician is it is the engineer’s fault if the recording sounds terrible.  Engineers who are good at their job are typically asked for by name, so they shouldn’t worry about their value or role as the audio engineer unless this is their first time at it.