June 25, 2013

Who Hires Session Musicians?

It can be extremely difficult for a musician to make a living as a touring act or even a local act.  You can imagine your days will be filled with random unsuccessful meetings, trying to woo general managers into letting your act play for a small fee.  It’s the same for DJs who have found themselves to a commodity with very little promised in return.  However, there are musicians who do make a living by being the best at what they do – but most of these are never on the cover of a new CD, nor do thousands of fans know them by name.  They are the session musicians.

Session musicians are basically professional musicians who are hired out to fill a need by another group or act.  A producer might hire a session drummer to play a beat he needs live, and band might even hire a band of session musicians to perform the recorded version of their album live.  Finally, music contractors will hire out session musicians like a day laborer, who is contracted to perform a job for a record company.  They may not receive the fame or the respect they deserve, but the great ones have steady jobs.