June 25, 2013

10 Tips for Buying Musical Instruments

The thought of buying some new gear can be exciting, especially if you are working with older gear that has held you back from creating what you want.  As the hunt for new gear begins, any shopper is naturally filled with thoughts of self-doubt mixed with dreams of what it would be like to own the best of the best.  I’m fairly certain that even those with the most limited budget have the ability to save for some high priced gear – but they might not want to.  A smart researcher will have figured out their own needs before even considering what gear is worth buying and what isn’t worth buying.

The best advice that can be given is to take time during the search.  The more you inquire and the most you ask about a certain type of gear, the less willing you are to buy it without looking at the possible negatives in the outcome.  Word of mouth on the internet sells more gear than any specification printed on the side of a box.  Sometimes deals pop up on used items that won’t last, and these can make the decision even harder.  One thing is for sure, you want to buy something that you won’t sell the day you get it.