June 25, 2013

How to get your music ready for Film and TV

When we think of music, we think of songs that we put on our iPods and listen to when we are on the way to work.  We consider music as something that we listen to consciously and buy consciously as well (unless you are forced to hear it on the radio).  What we don’t usually take notice of is the fact that music surrounds our lived.  Music is everyone and so ingrained in our daily lives that we often do not notice it.  When we shop in supermarkets there is usually a need for some kind of soft music (light jazz), and everything from television to commercials need a sound track.

Producers are not limited to creating albums for bands and artist – music can also be made for specific purposes in other forms of media.  Commercials often have the perfect jingle to accompany a product on screen and these songs are also very short in comparison to actual songs that bands produce.  However, the makers of the jingle will often get paid directly for their work and can make a serious hunk of change for their work.  A producer with a studio should keep an eye out for projects like this as they can be worth a lot of money for only a small amount of work invested.