June 25, 2013

Recording Voiceovers:

A wedding DJ is much different than the average club DJ, who spends their time mixing in a frustratingly dark club environment.  The difference between the two is where they do the talking.  The club DJ uses his hands all night and has his eyes glued to his gear – while the wedding DJ has to be both the master of ceremonies as well as the music box for the entire night.  In short, the wedding DJ needs to be a vocal personality as much as they need to be a source of music.  It helps if they know how to talk over a mic and how to communicate with a crowd.

Sometimes there is a separate person that handles all of the announcements over the microphone, and this person also has a certain value of their own.  Great speakers are needed in the audio recording industry just as much as great producers or mix artists.  Those speakers can go on to accept voice over jobs and even narration jobs.  Often, an instructional video needs to be accompanied by a qualified narrator that knows how to get the point across in an elegant way.  Like the DJ, they use their creativity over the airwaves.