June 25, 2013

9 Affordable Gear Options

I think that by now most people aren’t shocked anymore when they see a tablet performing tasks that weren’t thought possible.  You might see an iPad being used to take credit card information, or even a smart phone being used to record audio directly into MIDI.  It is safe to say that these devices have made recording and editing a bit easier on us.  But are they better than the rest?  Can a small tablet every take the place of a huge mixing and processing board, and can a table record audio better than the best audio interface out there?  The answer is probably not.  But they do have merit in the fact that they are much less expensive and that they are capable of being taken to places where other gear could not.

Portable recording solutions are getting better and better every day.  We used to only have the option of recording low quality audio on a personal recording device.  These were the old tape recorder that you would see reporters with on television.  Today’s high quality digital recorders can record live audio that is perfectly fine for recording use.  Best of all is that it won’t cost you thousands either.