June 25, 2013

Recording Acoustic Guitar

The electric guitar is one particular instrument that has received a lot of attention from MIDI developers and other programmers who are trying to blend the art of acoustic instruments with digital technology.  The electric guitar makes a perfect candidate in the same way a vinyl record makes the perfect candidate – it blends both human interaction and acoustic audio with that of a computer and digital technology.  The guitar, however, is a much more complex beast to work with and this can even be seen in how a guitar is generally recorded.

Most electrical guitars will have some sort of pickup, where the acoustic signal is sent to an amplifier so that the signal can be boosted into something more audible.  The turntablist also has their own pickup – it’s called the needle or stylus.  Because the sound can be picked up electrically, a plug can be used to record audio directly into a computer system.  But the live sound of guitar might also be desirable, and in this case a microphone can actually be used in place of pickups with a boosted signal.  There are many factors that go into recording a guitar, and just because it is electric it does not mean that mics cannot be used.