June 25, 2013

Influence, Imitation

If a musician was only given the tools to create music (a couple of instruments and computer), and then locked in a room for a week with no outside help, could they viably create new original music?  My guess is that they would not be able to create much without some sort of inspiration.  This inspiration naturally comes from other musicians with the same goal and the same type of gear.  So you can see that the only real way to improve your skill with an instrument is to learn from others.  Of course there is a line between originality and imitation – but I believe that the imitation aspect is just as important.

Where it crosses the line is a different story.  We all love to imitate those that we respect, but once we start copying their style and passing it off as our own, we have passed the line where the music is no longer ours to keep.  Just listen to the popular songs on the radio today and you will notice how similar it all sounds to each other, as if they used the same formula to create each song.  EDM music especially could benefit from some fresh new ideas.