June 25, 2013

A Primer to Avoiding Lawsuits

For a producer who is just learning how to use equipment like Akai drum machines and NI MID controllers – it is easiest to begin just pecking around at things to see how it works.  This means using the stock samples and instruments that come with the gear to find out what your producing style is in the first place.  It could be that you prefer to use the onboard piano to create melodies rather than trying to use one shot samples to create music.  Some producer might find that they like sampling other records and songs, rather than trying to create it on their own.

There is no problem with sampling other music, since many do it all the time.  The problem comes when you want to produce a song using samples that you intend to sell for profit.  If only a few people buy the song then no harm, no foul – but when that song becomes popular and profitable you may begin to have some legal trouble on your hands.  It pays to do some research into the ownership of a song, so that you can actively contact the creators and ask for permission.  It also might be easier to ask for forgiveness – but that can be a costly route.