June 25, 2013

Great Free Electronic Music Production Software

Software developers have a hard time striking a balance between how much time and energy it takes to create software and how much they are willing to sell it for.  They know full well, before any coding as taken place, that a good chunk of people who use the software aren’t going to buy it – they’re going to use it for free in one way or another.  So really, disregarding the software itself and how good it may be – they actually have to be very good salesmen with a good business strategy.  Try before you buy seems to work with many software developers; maybe because it is their only option.

If a person isn’t going to pay for a program, I’d bet they’d have an even harder time paying for a tool to make music.  I’m talking specifically about plug-ins for DAWs like Ableton.  Most of the ones out there are generally free to use, and the developers probably have bigger fish to fry than to worry about making a few dimes off of their add-in software.  For producers, it’s great.  They get to try many of the tools out there to create music – and there are a lot of them too!