June 25, 2013

Building A DJ Team

A club DJ doesn’t need a manager to get on.  All they need is an understanding of the business atmosphere, a strong will to never get screwed over, and the right kind of talent behind the decks.  Once you do well at one show, you can be sure to find work for the next (using your previous work experience on your resume to build up for new jobs).  Every now and then you may find yourself overbooked, and if this is the case you can pass that opportunity on to a fellow DJ who could use the work.  Now, if you are touring the world as a DJ, you might need some help.

A DJ of this caliber needs a manager – someone who can manage the rest of the team.  Along with a manager you will need to make use of a booking agent.  These are the guys who book your tours and plan all of your appearances, like a real life rolodex.  Apart from that you will want someone to represent your social and public side; a person that can advertise and get the world out there.  With these key people, a touring DJ will successfully have everything he or she needs to stay organized.