June 25, 2013

Before, During, and After Gigs: Social Media Strategy Part 2

Before we had wireless internet or cellular phones that were capable of sending live video, a person had to be there in order to experience it.  By that I mean, if you wanted to see Jimi Hendrix live, you had to go to one of his concerts.  Perhaps it was better when this technology did not exist, and musicians were able to keep their live shows truly “live”.  Today, anyone can really experience something through another person with the help of streaming video and other video implements.  And even without video, fans can still post live pictures of their whereabouts for others to envy.

For the modern performer (DJ, producer, or musician), there is much work to be done before, during, and after a show takes place.  Before it ever starts you have the chance to build up as much hype as possible for a show.  You can use your slew of social networking sources and other media outlets to get this going.  During the performance, if you fans don’t already do it for you, you can have someone post clips of the performances.  After the show, you have the chance to debrief with your audiences to let them know how you felt.  They won’t miss a beat.