June 27, 2013

DJ requests via text with RequestNow

A DJ, who plays for crowds, parties, gigs, and clubs, has to deal with more than just his music and his gear.  There is also the crowd that needs to be controlled.  When they hear the music that they like, there is generally no problem – but as soon as one person doesn’t like what they hear, it is like all hell has just broken loose.  For the DJ it is a crappy feeling to know that someone in the crowd hates your music, but the DJ eventually learns that he or she cannot please every member at every time.  Requests can be annoying too, if you don’t know how to work that into your system.

Simply trying to talk over the loud music can be tiresome, so some DJs may use something like a pencil and paper at their booth in order to take requests on demand.  This is better than trying to guess what someone is saying over your loud music – but it still keeps you from focusing on the tables in front of you.  RequestNow is an innovative idea which lets you text your requests over your phone.  It even guesses the artist and track name so that there is no confusion on either end.