June 27, 2013

Livid OhmRGB Midnight Chrome

I think that producers and DJs are drawn to the idea of using controllers, mainly because it is actually feasible in all ways.  Most of them do not need to be programmed with code, they just need to be key mapped with whatever program they are using.  There is also the fact that they can be found for very cheap.  The way that they are mass produced makes it easy to buy and sell for hundred less than a fully built mixer and turntables.  For the price of a single turntable you can literally buy the entire farm – which includes a controller that mixes, spins, and beatmatches.  The usefulness of them does not need to be reiterated.

If you want a sexy controller, then you are going to have to pay a non production line price.  You may find that you actually care about how the controller looks – and I’m not talking about the pretty orange LEDs that light up when you press them.  I’m talking about the classy feeling you get, knowing that your controller is one of a kind.  These are the controllers that use aluminum and wood in their design, and also the kind that can be very expensive when it’s all said and done.