June 27, 2013

S4 Gets 33% Price Drop To $599

Traktor has a very good spot in the market right now – they are seen as the guys who are forward thinking in their product designs, and their prices aren’t too bad either.  They may be a little expensive compared to that of Numark or Gemini, but their design and build quality if definitely up there with the best of them (Pioneer, Rane).  I would say that the technical side is where they really seem to shine; they have taken bigger risks to reach out to the masses, who are beginning to ditch their laptops and PC’s in favor of mobile music making devices.

They haven’t given up on the older DJs who are still hanging on to their laptops and mixing stations – in fact, they have given them more incentive to try new gear while hanging on to what they have.  The Traktor S4 controller was one of the first of its kind to “do it all”, and do it with style.  It was rather expensive for what it was and people who purchased this had to think before they bought.  Now, the price if going to be slashed and most of us are expecting NI to drop something new.