June 28, 2013

Conte vs. Daft Punk

Engineers in the software world seem to be bunched into this group of nerds who sit at a desk all day and write lines of code that will never be understood by the average non-programmer.  It is the structural and electrical engineers who really get to show off what they can do when they are given the right set of tools.  We see controllerists and MIDI programmers and don’t think much of what they do sometimes.  They take bits of a song and regurgitate it in order for it to become something else.  These performances can sometimes lack dimension as they sit there, pounding away on a keyboard.

When engineers begin adding mechanical aspect to their show, it becomes much more interesting.  This short video displays the Rube Goldberg style of music creations, where robots are in charge of automated incidents – but the human element is of course still there.  In the future I think we will begin to see some of these performances involving half man and half machine.  Considering that we already use machines for most of our performances it makes sense to actually physically include them in our shows, rather than hiding them behind a laptop screen.