June 28, 2013

Apple Wants to Pull Orphion Music App Over Touch APIs

Apple users have long since had the benefit of sheer volume of apps that are available for them to tinker with.  For every drum machine that is listed in the Google Store, there are ten or twenty different iOS app that can do the same thing, and even do it better.  Apple does not have any shortage of apps being sent through their stores, and because of this, Apple really can pick and choose who they want to support and who they won’t.  The ironic part of this is that developers have noted how hard it is to get updates submitted to their apps, and this happens because of Apple’s stringent selection process.

While they do like variety and apps in large numbers, they take certain steps to make sure an app won’t harm users’ devices, and also to make sure that an Apple update along with this app won’t cause serious issues.  DJs and producers who use touch and gesture based apps should know that these aren’t simply toy applications.  They require a bit more control than the something like a game, so Apple is keen to make sure that there isn’t too much meddling going on underneath the surface.