June 28, 2013

Kirk Degiorgio’s studio

So what is the difference between a nu-school and an old-school producer?  Perhaps the amount of grey hair they have on their head?  It would really be hard to distinguish one from the other without knowing something about them.  I will say this – modern producers often have the luxury of being able to work with modern gear, but as a consequence they lack some of the older techniques that had to be used when gear wasn’t up to par.  This is a common phenomenon with scratchers and DJs.  You can tell by what techniques they use, just how long they have been performing in the business.

A modern producer is likely to have a slew of keyboard synthesizers, a few drum pads and drum machines, and of course, a computer to wire it all together.  An older producer may have some gear that a modern producer would see as archaic.  A modular synthesizer, for example, might see a little redundant with all of the software emulation that we have that is capable of doing the same task – but an older producer might be comfortable with this gear to the point where they have to use it.  You take a bit of the old with the new.