June 28, 2013

Summer Oxford Shirt Has Hidden Cleaning Cloth for Phones

Is there a point where fashion and technology can actually meet without crossing the boundary of being something utterly ridiculous?  What happens to often in almost any industry is that there is too much focus on the look of something at the expense of how it actually performs.  On the other side there are brilliantly executed pieces of gear that don’t exactly make you want to take a second look at them.  The trouble is finding a spot where the two can meet and both designers and engineers can be happy.  Often time, the design is weight to one side.

A good example is these summer Oxford shirts that double over as a cleaning cloth for your mobile devices, cell phones, and tablet.  We all have the problem of trapping too much grease on our screen protectors – but do we need to buy a fancy shirt just to get the dirt off? Of course not.  We can get by with a simple tissue or if you are smart enough, a nice microfiber cloth.  However, none of these two options are as stylish or cool, so I guess you have a reason to go out and buy a new shirt.