June 28, 2013

Samsung Shows Off New Tablets

If you are like me and have a decent laptop and decent computer – you may have a hard time justifying the purchase of a new tablet.  The tablet sits comfortable in between the two computing devices, and because of that, we don’t see it replacing one or the other.  Also, if your laptop is kind of old (as mine is), then you would probably consider a laptop before ever considering buying a tablet that doesn’t come with a keyboard, mouse, or any type of USB connection on the front of it.  Tablet and computer makers understand that many of us have this problem.  They want our money and they want to do so by simplifying the decision making process.

When you bundle a keyboard and USB connections with a tablet, you make it harder to pass up.  If you create a display that is ahead of its time, and manage to do all of this while keeping the unit faster than any computer you have owned – then you might have won a few more customers.  This is what Samsung has set out to do, and their newest device looks promising.  With a decent SSD and an i5 processor, it might make your laptop look silly.