June 28, 2013

Google Play Music All Access

I can honestly say that the iPhone and the iOS have a few edges over a stock Android phone, especially a phone like the Galaxy S3.  Setting up the iPhone is remarkably simple since you aren’t given too many customization options to muddle up, and there aren’t as many annoying bloated apps to get rid of either.  The worst offender on a stock iPhone is probably the Newstand Icon, which many do not use and find annoying.  But compared to what you need to do to a S3, I understand why many feel that the iOS and Apple products are more user friendly.

Apple has recently launched their own streaming music service to compete with the best of them out there (Pandora, Spotify, etc.), and if my guess is correct it will be extremely easy to use.  This is the key to all Apple products and what makes them so attractive to first time users.  Google is not to be left in the dirt though – they have their own alternative as well and it is already built into the software your phone runs.  Google Play is now offering an all-access subscription music service that is sure the win the respect of Android users.