July 1, 2013

Music Publishing Royalties from Spotify

On the internet and in real life there is a need for substance.  An artist sells a product and a brand; they sell music – but they also have to sell themselves as an image that is likeable or an image that is desirable.  Music alone has the power to do this – it creates feeling and emotion.  But getting the music to the listeners is often the hardest part of making a career out of music making.  Naturally, this is where networking and advertising comes into play, but few artists have the means of making this happen on their own.  In the traditional, yet euphoric business structure, a product doesn’t need any sort of placement to get ahead on its own.  It is strong enough to sell itself.

In the actual business world there is just too much competition for this to become a reality without some outside help.  Artists know that when they use a service like Pandora or Spotify to sell their music, they aren’t going to reap a huge profit from it.  It isn’t the same as selling a CD in the store, and far less money is actually made from direct online purchases.  However, they do reap the benefit of exposure which some may argue is worth the cost.