July 1, 2013

How Will Bands Use Facebook’s New Photo Comments Feature?

Many are unfamiliar with how Facebook runs their service, but it has gotten to the point where it is quick enough for people not to care.  MySpace had a much different approach to how they allowed users to post and upload external files.  The result was pages full of advertisement and other bloated imagery – it was a huge mess.  MySpace also hosted the images directly like any website typically does, paying for the amount of bandwidth that was used each time.  Facebook handles their server space much differently.  Instead of opting to simply pay for bandwidth, they make a deal with their service providers to pay for the number or amount of images instead.

I’m not too sure how this all works out in the end, but I am sure that Facebook benefits from this business strategy.  Their system of tagging with images is also very organized without being too intrusive to other users.  I may be able to tag friends in my photos, but they ultimately have the option of whether or not they want that displayed on their wall.  For bands who have album covers, it certainly makes it easier to have their presence known within posts on Facebook.