DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
May 12, 2011

Auralex MudGuard: Keeping Your Recording Clean And Prestine One Vocal At A Time

What makes a great vocal recording?  Is it the mic or the person singing?  Is it the method of recording or the software, or is it the recording engineer? Well, it’s probably a combination of all of these factors that contribute to a beautiful vocal recording. Sometimes we take for granted the little things involved that make a big difference in the final product, one of which is the environment in which the vocal is directly recorded. We know that we need a mic, quality cables, and a way to isolate the sound in order to capture the true essence of the vocal, preferably in a vocal booth. But let’s turn it up a notch.

From Gold To Platinum Baby!

Introducing the Auralex MudGuard. This is easily mounted directly on the mic stand and provides further isolation of the vocal performance by creating a curved mini shell around the mic. This eliminates noise bleed that may otherwise reflect from behind the mic and it allows complete isolation of the vocal directly to the mic. You can use this with great result even if you don’t have a designated vocal booth. It is armed with the same award winning Auralex Studiofoam that you see in every professional studio. We gave it a spin on the Unique Mobile Studio for my mixtape. Check out the video and witness the strength.


>>Scott Magno DJ Madflip, we’re here on the uniquesquared mobile studio bus with Taylor Morken and you know i really want to put out a quality product, something really good for my mixtape, and we want to get the best recording possible so taylor here is going to make me look and sound really good. Can you do that for me man?
>>I’m excited, I can’t wait let’s do it.
>>Thanks man, Let’s do this.
>>Alright Scott you’ve got your headphones on this time?
>>Oh, headphones, headphones yeah. Alright Madflip mixtape, let’s do this!!!\
>>Alright good deal man, ok this is going to be take 42 on the Scott Madflip mixtape
>>Can we stop this, can we stop this, I think that the bass is taking away from my vocals.
>>No i don’t think it’s the bass man everything here sounds pretty well mixed.
>>ok well maybe this microphone maybe we need to get a different mic in here can we do that?
>>Hey i think the mic’s just fine everything sounds great coming through that mic.
>>Ok well how about this, can you at least turn the music up a few more octaves so i can hear it better?
>>Uhh, i mean yeah we can turn your headphone volume up a little, but oh, wait a minute, is that mud going on?
>>MudFlap, Dude my  name is MadFlip. MadFlip.
>>No no no, it’s not a Mudflap man it’s the Auralex Mudguard, this thing is brilliant it’s going to turn your gold record into platinum, here’s how it works you put the Mudguard on and what it does is it kills all of that excessive noise and bleed through that’s because it’s designed by this really cool studio foam and it’s going to kill all of that ambient noise you’re not going to hear any of that stuff banging off the walls what do you think man you want to try it?
>>Well i mean i see something down here man this is probably it, can we get somebody in here to bring me a cup of coffee and put this on before we shoot again?
>>Well hey man, i’ll tell you what, we’re going to get this thing set up it’s real easy, you could probably even do it yourself it’s that easy to put on alright?
>>Alright well let me do that and then we’ll get rolling.
>>Thank god, now his vocal won’t suck.


  1. DAWbjw002 says:

    Hahahaha!!! was not expecting that! So all I need is the mudguard to sound like that eh :)

  2. Bryan Bowman says:

    most unique recording experience? trying to record a marching band brass line in a single-person booth…have you ever been around that many brass players? in that kind of small space the pressure of their egos is enough to crush your head, not to mention the sound crushing your ears haha!

  3. Bryan Bowman says:

    very tongue-in-cheek video too guys, brilliant!

  4. Marty Oresnik says:

    couple years ago.. guitar player taking 7 hours of studio time to finish the guitar track for a single part of 1 song. and it wasn’t a hard song. might not be unique, but it was definitely memorable. at least the parts i was awake for.

  5. Daniel Pomar says:

    The most unique recording experience I’ve had? It would be for a Spanish project that me and several group members had to do. The project was to advertise a product, so we decided to rap about Pepsi…in Spanish XD. We used a cheap Rock band Mic XD but, it came out pretty good :D .

  6. Tyler Linke says:

    Hahah well recording a rap song in my friends car haha. it was fun and interesting

  7. Jude Luongo says:

    Most Unique recording experience? It definitely was doing a music video for a video production class, which was a remake of the scene from step brothers when Brennan’s brother and his family are driving singing Sweet Child O Mine. Anyway the stupid kid i was working with thought we were good singers(which we are not) and that we couldn’t jus rip the original audio from the video and lip-sync to it, sooo not being able to change his mind i used a snowball usb mic and a cardboard box with soundproof foam to record his singing (There was no damn way i was doing mine). Then i watched him (completely dumbfounded)put a copy of step brothers into a dvd player go to the scene and try to catch a “high quality” recording of the movie using his hand(i guess to block out all other sound) and his Phone(I guess it was high quality recorder disguised as a phone?). Anyway we did it his way it came out like SH!T like i said it would but luckily i also did my original idea with out him knowing and got an A on the project soo yeah that was a pretty weird experience.

  8. Toshi says:

    Making 3 hour-long hypnosis tracks…in french.

  9. Nicole Warren says:

    My most unique recording experience was when I was volunteering at Calvert Square Boys and Girls club. I didn’t realize have much talent young people have and how much dedication they put into their craft. It was amazing seeing their love for music and their hunger to grow. I will always remember the passion of the children. It’s like fuel for me. That will always be my unique recording experience!