July 1, 2013

Instagram Video!

Do you remember the internet back when the only types of animated images that could be streamed across any computer were gif images?  Today, it would be silly to use a homemade gif where a regular video would do just fine.  Most of our computers are capable of handling this type of data, and most of our internet connections are high speed and capable as well.  The reason for the gif and other compressed formats was simply to allow videos or animated images to have created without taking up any space at all.  Musicians, unfortunately, would not have the benefit of compressed audio until the mp3 became commonly used.

Today, Twitter (which is typically only used for text based comments and pictures) is now offering some semblance of a video service, which should end up making their tools a bit more interactive and playful.  For musicians, it adds another element of their media to their followers, who can take a quick peek at a short video.  These videos are relatively small, with a 15 cap of play, but it is still much better than posting a slide show of multiple pictures that do not really tell a good story.