July 1, 2013

The New Industry Insiders

It is amazing just how much friction there can be between music artists and the companies they work form.  Any business is naturally look for the best way to increase profits while reducing costs in the process – and sometimes it means that the product itself has to be changed for the worst.   For musicians there is always a need to get their music out there first, to spark interest, before it can be sold.  It’s not the same for physical goods that are often bought due to the pretty packaging rather than how well they perform.  It is a doubled edged sword for both the musicians and their companies, since most will opt to try a product before they buy it – but there is always a chance that the “on your honor” system will turn around and bite them in the ass.

As technology improves, it creates problems for the record companies who are trying to fight the system that allows people access to music at no or little cost.  Basically, they will lose money in the long run before they create money.  What the future holds for these industries is up to debate, and some artists may choose to not even use one.