July 2, 2013

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Vinyl At Urban Outfitters

The vinyl culture of buying second hand music is something that unique to that format, and that format alone.  Few people are willing to spend money on a used CD, especially on that is damaged and in terrible form.  Even less are willing to buy a cassette tape that has to be rewound in order to be played.  But a person is willing to buy a damaged vinyl with a sleeve that is in tatters, just to experience listening to music that is created using a plastic biscuit.  Store that sell vinyl records often of their own culture that goes along with everything they sell.  They might sell strange items and gag gifts, as well as clothing that diverge from the mainstream style.

Urban Outfitters is one of these stores that seem to represent the independent image and style rather than the one that is being sold to us.  People who shop here are less willing to buy high priced fashionable clothing from big name stores, and they are willing to buy second hand clothing as well.  However, even though they sell vinyl records – it does not mean that they are as forward thinking and as individual as you think.  They have been known to rip of artist ideas and designs.