July 2, 2013

Social Media From The Aussie Perspective

Have you ever wondered what makes an American DJ different from a European or Australian DJ?  Besides the language they speak and the music they like, what makes them separate from each other?  We could like to entertain the idea that we are essentially no different from each other – but culture can be stronger than any other bond that unites and divides people.  Here in America, rappers and DJs are known to have big egos, and they are known to make it explicitly clear what their intentions are.  Just listening to the music itself should make it clear what it is they want to excel at.  It certainly isn’t unity or promoting a sense of self awareness, they talk about the drug game, women, and money.

DJs don’t necessarily have the same verbal baggage that they carry around with them, but their demeanor is certainly telling of what they think of themselves.  Many DJs are the strong and silent type, who front with a tough guy demeanor – and because of this they wouldn’t be caught dead playing a certain type of music.  It’s strange that in other countries there is less of a need for ego.  In Australia, it isn’t cool to hype yourself too much.