July 2, 2013

Freebies & Bargains: From Apps To Streaming Music

The creativity that goes into making a proper Apple iOS app for musicians is nothing less than stunning.  We tend to think of applications as these boring tools that are used to replace something tangible we use.  The worst and best example I can think of is spreadsheets.  Instead of needing a keyboard and computer to compute a boring task, information can be entered in many different ways to achieve the same result.  With a little more creativity, actual instruments can be emulated using software, which removes the need to own the real instrument.  The savings in this case has to do with money, rather than the effort – since using the real instrument might actually be a better move.

Where it gets real interesting is when apps are spawned from intangible ideas – ideas that did not exist previously.  Consider music recognition software like Shazam; this would not be possible to replicate in real life unless you were some kind of music guru.  AutoRap and take a few bits of live recorded lyrics and translates that into an actual song using complex algorithms.  Again, these are the types of apps that are genuinely new and original, something a musician or music lover could really make use of.