July 2, 2013

Traktor S4 Price Drop

Do you ever stop and think about how much money manufacturers lose by not being able to sell a brand new in box product over and over again?  The second hand market is filled with used and gently used items that will sell off faster than brand new one.  The gear companies obviously cannot make up for this profit loss, although it is calculated into their original costs before an item even goes on sale.  One smart move that many of these companies are beginning to do is bringing down the price of an older product to make way for a new product.  This ensures that even when new technology is created, there is some incentive to buy an older version for less money.

The buyers get to have the nice warm feeling of buying a brand new item, while the manufactures are able to stem the losses of potential buyers who would otherwise buy their gear on the second hand market.  It is sort of like a car salesman who slashes the price on his current stock in order to make way for new car deliveries.  It’s more than just a marketing tactic, it’s a brilliant idea.  Buyers are keen to be aware of these changes as well.