DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
May 9, 2011

Traktor Scratch Pro 2 Review

By now you guys know that I am an advocate of Native Instruments Traktor Scratch software.  I fell in love about 3 years ago at the 2008 Winter NAMM show thanks to an amazing demo by Dynamix and Hapa from Scratch DJ Academy in Los Angeles.  I was a Serato Scratch Live user and was pretty happy using it for my gigs, but I didn’t know that almost all of Europe was using a superior DVS for DJing.  After seeing this demo it was a no brainer.  I wanted cleaner and louder audio, the ability to record my sets, playback recorded audio from a mic on the fly, and have the ability to use my midi controller to tweak incredible effects and set loops.  I had to switch to Traktor Scratch Pro.  Native Instruments has an innate ability to anticipate the needs of the DJ by providing a pallet of brilliant effects and functions that truly inspire DJs to play at a level beyond the capabilities of any other DVS system.  They’ve listened to feedback from loyal users and even haters to continue pushing the limits of DJing, elevating their product to it’s new inception: Traktor Scratch Pro 2.

Customized For Your Protection

The Traktor Scratch Pro 2 system comes with the new Audio 10 interface.  We can do a complete review on this alone but I’ll sum it up like this: 10 ins/10 outs, seamless integration of 4 turntables plus 2 other audio devices, midi sync for those extra audio devices, mic input, 24-bit / 96kHz Cirrus Logic® AD/DA converters, AND it’s louder than BOMBS!

So what are the major differences from TS Pro to TS Pro 2?  Native Instruments S4 users have already been reaping the benefits of the new T2 software to some degree and the now TS Pro 2 has added the same abilities and a few extras.

TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 features an intuitive software interface, as well as TruWave frequency-specific colored waveforms for a new experience in mixing.  I can choose layouts to define my waveform highs and lows, kicks and snares.  This somewhat mirrors the Serato Scratch Live or Itch layout but goes even further with the ability to choose your color scheme.

Thanks to Auto Detection and configuration for NI audio interfaces, you can set up in seconds, while TRAKTOR AUDIO 10’s Direct Thru function makes switching DJs in the club a breeze. The SoftSync feature adds a new level of tempo-awareness to TRAKTOR SCRATCH that expands your mixing options when using vinyl control.

The intuitive looping and cueing functions have been enhanced with the addition of Sample Decks, making live remixing and re-editing a cinch. Grab and layer your own loops, use the library of included loop content or fire off one-shot samples such as the included scratch sounds. Record from any channel via the Loop Recorder and add dynamic layers to dramatically heighten your mix. While each Sample Deck can add up to four simultaneous samples or loops to the mix, the Loop Recorder allows DJs to capture audio from various sources on the fly and drop it back into the mix at any time, opening up creative techniques far beyond conventional DJing.

When other DJ’s see me using Traktor they always ask if I’ve ever tried Serato.  I say that I have but that I really like the layout of Traktor more, and that it allows me to organize my music better.  Then I show them all of the things I can do using Traktor that aren’t possible with Serato.  They are usually left with the same look I had at that demo in 2008.  Priceless.

With all due respect to Serato, Traktor is just a better fit for me and I encourage you guys to give it a spin if you haven’t already.  Check out our video and let us know what you think.  Happy gigs!


Hey I’m Scott Magno, DJ MadFlip here with Today we’re going to talk about Traktor Scratch Pro 2. This is going to come with the new Traktor Pro 2 software which is banging.
Now not only are you going to have brand new high res, colored, truwave, waveforms, we’re also going to have the ability to layer and sample with awesome sophistication.
And we’re also going to have some cool new effects, a bunch of other stuff, let’s check it out now.
If you were familiar with Traktor Scratch pro before, first off you will see the colored, truwave, high res waveforms here. That is really nice to go in and personalize your color mode.
If you look at that, I’ve got it on spectrum, I can go ultraviolet or infrared, the X-Ray, but I’m going to go with the spectrum, I like a lot of different color in my life.
So, that is nice also with the waveforms. You know I’ve got some cue points set up here, I’m going to run just a little bit of audio. Now I can zoom in on that cue point there, and I can zoom in much further than on the previous Traktor Scratch.
So if I really want to get the front end of that attack on that, I can go super Dr. Science, and I’ll lift that cue point out, and I’ll make you a little bit closer right there just so I can be more accurate. So there it is, it’s moving really fast there.
So if I zoom out you can see now, so you get the idea. I can be right there on the edge of the attack on there. Ok, let’s go to the different layouts now.
I’ve got it set up in the essential layout here. It’s going to be two decks here, and then with the use of the controller I can control decks C and B for my samples as well.
I’ve got my Do Work mix right here, I like to see everything, my EQs, everything, my effects. And then the browser, so I can just quick browse through all of my tracks there and then the last one, this is my favorite, Mad Flip Prime. This is when I’m going to use just primarily the turntables and effects.
But the point is you can customize all of this, make your own, and it’s really nice to be able to have a customized workspace.
Ok so, what else do we have here? If you look you actually have, those of you who are used to using Serato, we actually have the rotating turntable here. This also serves as your check for your calibration. And if you need more room you can hide that right there, which is kind of a nice feature as well.
Alright, let’s talk about some of the cool effects now. Native Instruments has always had some incredible effects. I’m just going to run through some of my favorites. I’m going to go ahead and set a loop there and show you some effects.
This is the beat masher. That’s one of the new effects. This one Mulholland Drive is kind of a nice filtery thing. You’ve got the auto bouncer, and ramp delay, tape delay. I’ve got this set up so I can apply three effects at once. You can get some nice tricky things. I’ve always loved the flanger flux just to give you a little more flavor. Real nice.
So we’ve got some all new effects, some nice waveforms there. The ability again to do four decks on Traktor. Those of you that are familiar with the S4, you’ve been familiar with these capabilities, but now Traktor Scratch Pro 2 allows you to have that on turntables or CDJ, another timecode set up and a lot of good improvements on that.
Alright, there it is Traktor Scratch Pro 2, it is amazing. This is certainly my weapon of choice. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments and I will answer them personally. Thanks for following us on our blog, on Twitter, and friending us on Facebook. This is Scott Magno, DJ MadFlip. Be you, be unique, at


  1. Dj Sup3r8ulous says:

    nice review wish i could afford traktor and gear like that haha ill stick with my mixtrack pro for now and virtual dj xD

  2. Zarif R says:

    Traktor is a great software…however i wish it could be a little more like VDJ or Serato Itch where u can see both waveforms in one place so beats etc can be synced.

    1. Striker says:

      beat sync by looking at it? dude you gotta hear it no see it

  3. Mark says:

    Traktor is Just a great piece of DJ’ing software. Perfect if you are on a budget but still want to get creative. All round awesomeness especially when teamed up with the S4 or S2!