July 2, 2013

51 Female Music Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Advice (Part 1)

There is certainly no shortage of females in the entertainment industry.  In fact, many of these businesses bank on the idea that a man will get weak in his knees when a beautiful woman is in his presence.  This makes men much more likely to buy into something or to spend more; and it is one of the oldest tricks in the book.  While this can be seen as a powerful gesture by women, it is not without its drawbacks as it dooms women as a whole to be seen as nothing more than a tool by other men.  The truth is that there are actually many women who hold management and executive positions; they just aren’t as visible as men, who dominate the higher positions.

A man’s advice on how to be an effective leader is usually something specific to the way they run things.  We are good at saying when something is bad or good, but all too often we fail to recommend how we can make something better.  Women tend to shine in this area, offering constructive criticism rather than definitive answers that do little to instruct.  Fifty one women in music have something to say about their careers here.