July 2, 2013

Accidental Re-Releases

The argument that technology does not make us into better musicians or better DJs is true to a large extent.  Imagine that you are living on a small salary, maybe a few hundred dollars a month.  It might not be much, but you learn to work with that little you have.  Suddenly, you come across a briefcase of one million dollars.  Do you think this would increase your happiness or bring you more sorrow?  Many say that the more we introduce into our lives, the less happy we will become – and I think that can also be true in the correct circumstances.  Another thing I can say about increased technology in our lives is that it does not necessarily make us more capable or infallible.

In fact, the more we rely on a crutch, the less likely we are to catch our own silly mistakes.  DJs that use DVS to loop and cue their songs might do something as silly as press the wrong button on the keyboard.  Serato even misprinted a word on their control vinyl covers and mass produced them in the process.  If a little more time was taken to do things by hand, perhaps they would be better thought out.