July 2, 2013

Four Tet Confirms He Is Burial

For much of our history, creative writers had to hide behind a fake or pen name in order to get their work to be published.  The reasons for this were more obvious a couple of centuries ago than there are now.  Any time controversial work was submitted in a conservative society; it was shunned and even punished.  Religious leaders were known for making attempts to stem off any sort of heresy or blasphemy against the powers that be, and when scientists or writer wanted to contest them they could not use their real identity.  Women have also used pen names in order to get their books published, since male dominated societies were not about to have a woman write a best-selling book in the presence of a man.

Today, aliases are still used by the creative types, but it isn’t in fear of getting their head chopped off when a song produced gets critical acclaim.  It usually had to do with keeping a shroud of secrecy in order to give them a mysterious persona.  Some artists prefer to keep their face covered during all performances, as sort of a costume – while others simply never reveal who they really are behind the scenes.