July 3, 2013

Finding DJ + Production Contests (And How To Win Them)

A working DJ puts in much more time that you actually know.  When they show up at the club, the house party, or at their gig – they have already put hundreds of hours in preparation for a simple routine that might only last the night.  They get paid to bring their skills, and of course their gear, which has also cost them a hefty initial investment.  After all of this work, they may not even be getting paid enough to make up for the time invested.  It is tough to make a living as a working DJ.  There are also other producers and DJs who would rather spend their time battling others, rather than just to just entertain audiences.

There is little money in this endeavor and a lot of time that needs to be invested to make it work, but the payoff can be even greater (it’s just not guaranteed).   Thousands of participants will do their best to make their entry stand out, but only a few of them will receive the credit of winning.  Winning competitions creates a name for yourself quicker than working the DJ circuit in your local town.  The respect you gain is worth more than any amount of money you could be paid in one night.