July 3, 2013

Rekord Buddy — the Traktor and Rekordbox converter

Before we could store and access files digitally for DJing purposes, it had to all be done by hand.  While this seems like a monotonous task it actually had its perks, considering just how much longer it takes to mess with a tangible piece of audio.  For one, it allowed us to know our music on a much more personal level – meaning that often had to listen to entire tracks to know where our cue point would come in for a good transition to the next song.  These days, cueing records are as simple as pressing a button.  There is are plenty of spaces where you can drop a proper cue point, and it is a much better option than trying to guess where on the record you are supposed to drop your needle.

The trouble with this method is the sheer volume of music that we have to deal with.  There are so many songs in our systems that it really does pay to come up with a proper way of organizing tunes.  There are also many different programs that will allow you to do this – but they don’t all like to play nice with each other.  Serato and Traktor Playlists will integrate nicely with iTunes, but not every program wants to get on board.