July 3, 2013

Traktor Kontrol Z1 — Unboxing

With all of the hype surrounding the latest batch of NI products, what good is it unless someone gets their grubby hands on them?  The Kontrol Z1 is the latest of NI’s creations and seems to play off the similar design of their other Kontrol products.  In terms of production it is a very wise idea to go with a similar form and structure as the rest of their tools.  Perhaps they can recycle parts and use their molding machines with the same basic layout as the rest of their gear.  The purpose of the tool is obviously different from the rest, as it is intended to be the mainstay of any digital DJ who doesn’t feel the need for a full sized mixer.

Unlike the F1 and the X1, the Z1 is a no-frills mixer that doesn’t come with many bells and whistles.  The crossfader and upfaders aren’t meant to be heavy duty scratching instruments; rather, they are designed to simply get the job done.  Power can either be supplied by an external source or by the USB port along, but you have the option of using either if you feel you will need the power from somewhere else than your computer.