July 3, 2013

AKG K67 Tïesto DJ Headphones

In my opinion, if you want the people to take your product seriously – you should market it professionally.  This means getting away from those cheesy commercials or blanket statements we hear about the best or the greatest.  Few products out there have the right to call themselves the best on the market.  With headphone creators, you have all types of players in the game.  Some of them want to market their playfulness of creativity, while other stick to marketing their utility and value.  There isn’t a set of headphones that has it all, since the more you pay (generally) the better product you will get.  Headphones that are less than a hundred dollars are hard to take seriously – but all headphones, regardless of their quality, serve their purpose.

Branding headphones with an artist’s name has both positive and negative effects on their sales.  There are some who won’t buy into a brand that uses artist plugs to get attention, while others will buy into the product exactly like the creators expect.  Will AKG headphones by Tiesto really do something to help the sales of them?  It’s hard to say especially since they aren’t very expensive – it just seems like the name is label on a cheap set of cans.