July 3, 2013

iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit

Some of us who have been involved in DJing for quite some time have created collections of knickknacks and other piece of gear that, on their own, do not really serve a purpose.  The funny thing is that these are often the pieces and bits that nobody would want to buy either.  These could be something like a 45 adapter that came off of an old record player or even a replacement tone arm for a turntable that you no longer own.  While these are simply taking up space around the house, there is no real reason to throw these away – you might actually need them down the road.

Among the various gadgets that some of us DJs have stored away, cables and connectors seem to be the most common.  At home, they don’t serve a purpose since we have our gear situated exactly the way we like, but you never know when you’re going to need it for some random piece of gear that you have to plug in.  Adapters, cables, and connectors are simply a good thing to have around the house, and when you travel, they are even better to have.  It is all part of being prepared for the worst.