July 3, 2013

5 Ways To Get Creative With Samples

Sampling to create music is not a new idea, and has been used since the days of tape recorders and records.  Rappers and music artists would often directly sample part of a song to use for their song.  No harm, no foul.  More advanced users actually take samples and brilliantly compose music from them, making it seem as if they took instruments and created a totally different song than the original.  These are the sample producers who can do anything from studio production to live performances, all based on pieces and bits of audio files that were found somewhere else.

A DJ also has the ability to sample music, but the tools we have available to us now make us much more creative than your standard drum machine users or your desktop producers.  Sampling on the fly allows a DJ creatively remix without a second though – which is the definition or organic creation.  They can also combine these samples with effects like filtering and looping to deconstruct the original sample as much as possible.  Combining all of these techniques with record manipulation skills, offers a new layer of on the fly production and really sets the standard DJ apart from the rest of the crowd.