July 3, 2013

Move My Traktor Tunes & Settings To Another Computer?

Everyone seems to have their own school of thought when it comes time to transfer songs from one computer to another.  Some will ditch any hardware and simply do it wirelessly or through an internet connection – while some do not have this option, given the amount of data they want to transmit.  Others will use a large external that is connected to computers as a virtual hub between their laptop and their desktop system.  Finally, the most common method of transferring files onto a drive for DVS use comes down to using a smaller intermediate storage device, like a small thumb USB drive.  Since the amount of information on these drives is quite large these days, the size vs. capacity is a big winning factor.

Instead of having entire libraries stored on one space, DJs sometimes transfer files over as if they were only playlists that did not need to be organized in the first place.   Putting a few hundred songs on a USB drive for a single performance makes more sense than bloating your playlist screen with too many artifacts to keep track of.  As a bonus, it makes organization much easier on the DJ – who doesn’t have sort through tracks that would never be played in the first place.