July 3, 2013

Pioneer XDJ-R1 Tutorial Series

DJs have to sort through and organize their cables and wires; there is no question about that.  The idea of avoiding wires completely in a setup is just as foreign as not having to plug your mixer into a wall.  Even if we had wireless audio, wireless power, and devices that communicated with each other, it would not be that simple.  There would still need to be transmitters and receivers attached to each other and there would most certainly need to be protocols that were able to manage the many different devices.  Wireless audio is sort of a scary idea for a DJ, since between the receiver and transmitter; there is a lot that can go wrong.

Just running the microwave and using your home phone can be a problem when interference is introduced. Now, imagine trying to transmit data from your tablet to your mixer.  You can easily see where problems might occur.  This is not stopping manufactures from trying out their ideas and Pioneer is of course working their hardest to make it a reality.  Wireless MIDI controllers already exist, but not without the help of programming tools and communication devices like OSCUlator.  If this were achieved without such programs, it might be a hit.