July 3, 2013

DMC World DJ Finals 2013

The DMC competitions are not a competition that any spectator would like to watch.  It is not like watching the various skateboarders and bikers perform acrobatic tricks at your local X-Games.  People who come to watch DJs battle in the turntablism world, come with the knowledge of what types of skills they are going to witness.  It’s sort of like watching a football game when you played football as a child.  You tend to appreciate the art form and the skill much more when you truly know how hard it is to pull off.  Like the Olympics, the DMC finals take place in various parts of the world, and this year it is in London.  The best of the best from around the world will be able to spin in front of crowds who expect to be stunned by performances.

Who will win this year?  The DMC finals are not open to any DJ who thinks they have skills; the ones that appear are actually the ones who have been weeded out from the rest at local, state, and regional competitions before they were ever allowed to enter in the show.  It is literally a competition to find the best DJ in the world.